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GermBloc® Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

GermBloc® is the leader in alcohol-free hand sanitizer technology with Lotion, Spray and Foam

  • Kills 99.99% of Germs
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Safe for the Entire Family
  • Dermatologist-Approved
  • Moisturizes Hands
    Keeps hands from drying and cracking

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GermBloc® lasts 4 times longer than alcohol-based sanitizers

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One GermBloc to four alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers

Recommended use per application is a ¼ of what alcohol-based solutions recommend


Comparison Alcohol-Based Sanitizer GermBloc® Sanitizer
Meets FDA & CDC hand hygiene protocol X X
FDA & CDC recommended X X
Alcohol-Free X
Kills 99.99% bacteria in 15 seconds X
Harsh chemical smell X
Moisturizes & Sanitizes X
Does not cause drunkenness X
Safe for children X
Use very little for high effectiveness X
Non-sensitizing to skin X
Kills germs while increasing hand health X
GermBloc® hand sanitizers are safer and more effective than alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

The Georgia Poison Control Center wants parents to avoid alcohol-based hand sanitizers.


Hand-sanitizer school kids

GermBloc® alcohol-free hand sanitizer's are substantially different than alcohol-based hand sanitizers. What makes GermBloc® Hand Sanitizer Lotion stand out from other sanitizers? It kills 99.99% germs and increases hand health. It contains a proprietary blend of .13% antiseptic and a high quality, non- greasy lotion that includes 7 moisturizers, 6 botanical extracts and 2 vitamins that leave hands soft and germ-free. While alcohol-based hand sanitizers kill 99.99% germs, they actually decrease hand health causing skin to become dry and chapped.

With long lasting protection from germs and bacteria,
GermBloc Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer keeps you protected for hours.

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"I am a business traveler that has a very difficult time thinking about all the germs I may pick up as I travel. Hand sanitizers are effective but who likes the smell or the dry hands that result?

I have been looking for a product that is effective as a germ killer but doesn’t have the smell or drying effect. GermBloc accomplishes both-the sanitizing I must have, and a product that does not dry or irritate my skin. No one likes to think about germs from airplanes, handrails, etc. Now, I worry less."

5 Star Rating
Randy J. from Salt Lake City, UT

"As a Master Barber, my hands are in soap and water 60-70 times a day. I have tried a multitude of soaps, conditioners, hand sterilizers and moisturizers and still experience dry, cracked and bleeding hands. Since I began using GermBloc two to three times a day, my hands are no longer dry, cracked or bleeding and I have the assurance of residual germ protection for hours.

I am sharing the benefits of Germ Bloc with my clientele and they are delighted. GermBloc - you have a customer for life!"

5 Star Rating
Frank, Master Barber

"I would recommend this product to everyone who wants a safer product to use and one that will protect them and their family. Thank you."

5 Star Rating
James H. from Atlanta, GA

Kills 99.99% of Germs, BEST OF ALL... YOUR HANDS FEEL GREAT

moisturizers, botanicals & vitamins improve hand health

GermBloc® kills 99.99% germs and is recommended by dermatologists because of its propriety blend of 98% natural ingredients that increase skin health for all ages, including seniors with sensitive skin. GermBloc® is rapidly growing it's retail presence nationwide because it is the healthiest way to disinfect one's skin and leaves hands soft and germ-free.

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